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Prevention from a nap

Sleep under meeting
Sleep in session
A train oversleeps.

There is a scene where he must not sleep by plentifully.
However, it cannot bear by lack of sleep etc.
Then, please try this application.
It warns you with vibes for every set-up second.
When you are sleeping, it is started with vibes.

■ Setup of iPhone Please use vibes ration by ON in a sound.
Settings – vibrations – ON

■ Auto-repeat
— ON A setup will shake vibes once for every second.
— OFF Vibes trembles until it will carry out stop operation, if it sets up.
* When auto-repeat is set up, a shake stop and a button stop become invalid.

■ Shake stop
— ON Warning vibes stops by shake.
— OFF A shake stop function stops.

■ Button stop
— ON Warning vibes stops in a stop button.
— OFF A stop button function stops.

■ Upgrade schedule
From now on, upgrade is planned in the following contents.
Moreover, when there are other requests, other functions are due to be mounted preferentially.
Speaker alarm functional earphone alarm functional game stop function

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