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Play fast finger you can.
Let’s study on the genetic basis of guitar fingers.
Do you have perfect fingers?
Try this game for perfect pitch and find out.
And you can play guitar.

Before Play guitar.

If you have confidence in perfect fingers, Challenge this game.
You can check your guitar play.

If perfect pitch has confidence, please compete with other players in a game center.
It’s free game. so you can try it.

* Contents
1 In an order from the bottom of the rightmost sequence, an index finger, the middle finger, the third finger, and a little finger are united.
2 A game starts after the signal of 3, 2, and 1.
3 The tap of the red button of the rightmost sequence is carried out simultaneously.
4 When a simultaneous tap can be carried out, it moves to the next stage.
5 The contents of a central sequence and the next next stage come to be able to carry out a tap early further, if they get used, since the contents of the next stage are displayed on a left sequence, if conscious of the following contents of a game.
6 The time taken into the game serves as a score.
7 Please answer as soon as possible and compete with other players for a short time.

I am sorry, it does not correspond to the guitar for left-handed persons now.

* Request
Please contact a review and support about ? request.
About an affair with many ? requests, I will consider mounting.

Get it on Google Play